Pain Awareness Month

September marks Pain Awareness Month, a time to acknowledge the pervasive yet often overlooked issue of chronic pain affecting millions of Americans. With at least 20% of adults in the country grappling with this debilitating condition, it’s crucial to spotlight the multifaceted challenges it presents, from physical distress to the interwoven psychological implications.

Understanding and Overcoming Chronic Pain

Unlike its acute counterpart, chronic pain persists beyond the usual healing time. A myriad of causes could trigger it – from injuries and nerve damage to the natural aging process or even genetic predispositions. Its manifestations vary, with arthritis, cancer, neuropathy and several other conditions making up its broad spectrum.

If you live with chronic pain, you know how draining it can be. Many patients exhaust a gamut of trial-and-error treatments – over-the-counter medications, narcotic prescriptions, physical therapies and even do-it-yourself home remedies. When the pain persists, despair mounts, and some people even spiral into the abyss of drug or alcohol addiction.

Pioneering Pain Management

At Recovery Without Walls, we’ve cultivated a holistic method that addresses the physical and psychological aspects of chronic pain. Dr. Howard Kornfeld, a preeminent figure in pain management, spearheads our mission to redefine treatment. Rooted in cutting-edge pharmacological research, adept psychotherapy and integrative healing modalities, our approach is a new paradigm.

A cornerstone of our methodology is the use of buprenorphine, also known as Suboxone. Unlike conventional opioids, buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist, drastically reducing its potential for addiction. While it effectively targets specific brain regions to alleviate pain and counter opioid withdrawal, it simultaneously acts as an antagonist on other opioid receptors. This dual action ensures patients do not get trapped in the seductive euphoria synonymous with opioids like heroin.

Multiple studies underline buprenorphine’s effectiveness. From superior pain management and better control over psychiatric symptoms to a significantly reduced risk of overdosing, the benefits are manifold. Moreover, people taking this medication exhibit enhanced social functionality, consistent treatment adherence, diminished illicit drug use and reduced criminal behavior.

Integrative Medicine at Recovery Without Walls

Chronic pain doesn’t merely torment your body; it also holds your psyche captive. The vicious cycle of enduring agony and resorting to potentially addictive relief methods is a story too many people are tragically familiar with. Fortunately, integrative medicine offers a way out. Through personalized care and customized interventions, clients in our Bay Area pain management program find worthwhile, effective solutions backed by our clinical team’s expertise.

If you also struggle with concurrent mental health or substance use disorders, our multifaceted care program is ideal for you. Our clinical team fashions bespoke treatment plans, underpinned by robust evidence, catering to a diverse range of diagnoses.

Chronic pain shouldn’t define you. This Pain Awareness Month, take the first step toward freedom by contacting us at Recovery Without Walls.