addiction treatment in Mill Valley CA

Addiction Treatment in Mill Valley, CA

A small town nestled among the redwoods, Mill Valley, CA, is a cultural hub and the center of natural beauty in Marin County. When you seek addiction treatment here, you can be assured that you will receive the quality counseling and rehab services you need for your alcohol abuse or your dependency on drugs such as benzodiazepines, opiates, and prescription medications. When you participate in outpatient treatment, you also have the option to take in the additional benefits of this amazing area.

A Small Town with a Lot to Offer

Situated on the inlet of Richardson Bay, this small town offers residents and visitors the beauty of the sea and the mountains. Mill Valley, CA, is just 14 miles from the much larger city of San Francisco, and many of its 14,000 residents commute across the Golden Gate Bridge for work each day.

To the north and west lie the redwood-filled Muir Woods and the majestic Mount Tamalpais. In addition to the natural beauty of its outdoor attractions, this family-focused community is considered a cultural hub and offers plenty to do for everyone throughout the year.

Hiking trails, natural parks, and wholesome entertainment abound here. For running enthusiasts, the area hosts the legendary annual Dipsea Race, which is the second-oldest footrace in the US. The 7.1 mile course takes runners up and over Mount Tamalpais to one of the most beautiful California beaches on the Pacific coast.

An Ideal Environment for Addiction Treatment

Your environment can be a significant contributing factor to your recovery. Mill Valley is particularly well-suited to outpatient drug and alcohol rehab. If you are seeking addiction treatment, the scenic locale of this area is the ideal environment for promoting a deep and lasting recovery for you. Fresh air and physical activity have been shown to be a positive factor in addiction rehab that treats the whole person.

In this community, you will have the opportunity to hike among the redwoods, go horseback riding, and enjoy the beaches at Stinson Beach and Point Reyes National Seashore. In addition, you can relax at a sidewalk café or enjoy an entertaining show at one of the local theaters. Mill Valley has been compared to a charming European village, with a delightful downtown area filled with fashionable boutiques and restaurants.

The Redwoods

The majestic redwood trees you’ll find in Muir Woods have been federally protected as a National Monument since 1908. While you’re enjoying this primeval forest, don’t forget to look down as well. You’ll see an incredibly diverse floor of flora and fauna, filled with ladybugs, ancient horsetail ferns, and other plants that have adapted to low light levels.

Truly and literally a breath of fresh air, the redwood forest is cool throughout most of the year. Although it is a bit rainy from late October to early May, the environment is refreshing and enjoyable. If you decide to hike through the redwoods, check the weather first and be sure to wear sturdy shoes. These incredible outdoor activities provide the perfect complement to your outpatient addiction treatment, as you work on healing your whole self, mentally and physically.

What to Expect from Mill Valley, CA, Addiction Treatment

Do you need help with overcoming your addiction to drugs or alcohol? At Recovery Without Walls, our treatment is focused on your needs, rather than based on a set schedule or protocol. We encourage you to discover your own healing pathways as our skilled recovery team works with you using the most advanced treatment options available.

Our outpatient addiction treatment program, located in beautiful and amazing Mill Valley, CA, provides you with personalized care and schedule flexibility. Our emphasis is on a whole-body approach, helping you through a recovery that heals both mind and body.

Our professional team members work with you to address the many challenging aspects of your addiction, including:

  • Trauma you may have experienced that could be a source of your substance abuse or dependency
  • Self-destructive patterns that are a result of your addiction
  • Emotions you may be going through such as depression and denial
  • Help managing your anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications
  • The effects of your overuse or abuse of alcohol
  • Emotional blocks that may be inhibiting your motivation to change

Contact Recovery Without Walls for Addiction Treatment in Mill Valley, CA

At Recovery Without Walls, we offer you comprehensive treatment on an outpatient basis so you will experience less disruption to your personal and professional lives as you work on your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. We personalize your treatment based on evidence-informed research, exceptional psychotherapy, nutritional support, and integrative healing methods designed to treat your whole body. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.