functional medicine

What Is an Example of Functional Medicine?

At Recovery Without Walls, we go beyond addressing symptoms by identifying and treating the root causes of health issues. This approach is core to functional medicine, a healing method that goes beyond traditional models to provide a comprehensive, client-centered solution. By focusing on your unique circumstances and needs, we can tailor a plan for you.

The Functional Medicine Difference

Functional and integrative medicine is a science-based approach that transcends the current treatment model for addiction and chronic pain. It involves creating individual interventions to restore physiological, psychological and structural balance. It’s a paradigm shift from traditional medical practices, switching the focus from disease-centered care to a more patient-centered approach.

Unlike traditional medicine, which often addresses symptoms in isolation, functional medicine seeks to understand the origins of disease using a systems-oriented approach that engages patients and practitioners in a therapeutic partnership. Customized care plans allow us to view the body as an interconnected whole.

For example, instead of prescribing medication for chronic migraines, a functional medicine practitioner might consider the roles of diet, stress, physical activity and genetic factors. Then, they could devise a holistic treatment plan involving lifestyle adjustments like dietary changes, stress management and regular exercise.

Benefits of Functional Medicine

Through personalized care and customized interventions, Recovery Without Walls’ expert clinical team provides a worthwhile, effective path to healing.

  1. Individualized treatments: Functional medicine recognizes everyone’s genetic and biological differences. As such, practitioners offer personalized care, tailoring treatments and interventions to the needs of each patient.
  2. Focus on the root cause: Functional medicine addresses illness at its root. By understanding the fundamental physiological processes, environmental influence and genetic predispositions, we can better treat and manage the disease.
  3. Comprehensive approach: By considering all aspects of a patient’s life, functional medicine practitioners provide a comprehensive approach to treatment – addressing physical and mental health, nutrition, heredity and lifestyle factors.
  4. Promotes vitality: Traditional medicine often defines health as the absence of disease. In contrast, functional medicine aims to promote health as a state of vitality. With functional medicine, you will not only live, but thrive.

A Revolutionary Healing Philosophy at Recovery Without Walls

By employing functional medicine, Recovery Without Walls puts you at the center of your recovery journey. Our compassionate team will take time to understand your unique health needs and work with you to create a tailored, comprehensive treatment plan that promotes lasting health and wellness.

At Recovery Without Walls, we supplement proven medical and pharmacological interventions for chronic pain and addiction with validated, evidence-based healing modalities. Contact us to learn more about our holistic, integrative addiction and pain management services.