Sleeping Pill Addiction

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Sleeping Pill Dependence

Treatment for Sleeping Pill Dependency

One third of all American adults complain of insomnia or poor sleep. Many Americans take prescription sleeping pills, such as Ambien, Lunesta or Sonata, to help them get a good night’s rest.

Unfortunately, many users of sleeping pills do not realize that sleeping medication is designed for short-term insomnia and should only be taken for a brief period of time. If sleeping pills are taken regularly for more than a few weeks, the body builds a tolerance to the medication, and the drugs can stop working.

Many people become psychologically and physically dependent on sleeping medication. When they try to end their use of sleeping pills, they suffer both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, agitation, depression, and restlessness. If patients reduce or stop their use of these medications too quickly, they may even experience protracted withdrawal symptoms, which can last for months or years after taking their last pill.

Medically Safe Withdrawal from Sleeping Pills

Recovery Without Walls provides safe, effective, medically based options to help patients end their reliance on or addiction to sleeping medications, such as Ambien, Lunesta, and Sonata. Our confidential sleeping pill addiction treatment is outpatient based, which means that patients can obtain lasting results with minimal disruption to their personal and professional lives. However, if our practitioners determine that a higher level of care is necessary, we also work with local inpatient rehabilitation centers.

We help our patients find new ways to comfortably make the transition from reliance on sleep medications to natural, restful sleep patterns. We provide exceptional counseling and integrative healing methods including: meditation, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, exercise, and nutritional supplements when appropriate.

Break the cycle of addiction. If you think that Recovery Without Walls is a good match for yourself or someone you love, please contact us today.

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