self-directed treatment

Your Role in the Treatment Process

The constant battle with addiction can be debilitating. The weight of negative thoughts and emotions, coupled with a lack of inner peace, can drag you down until you lose your purpose and direction. When you finally accept that you need help, you can reclaim ownership of your life by taking an active role in your treatment process.

The Benefits of a Self-Directed Treatment Plan

Many people enter addiction treatment after reaching an all-time low point. They feel powerless, defeated and ashamed. At Recovery Without Walls, we restore your confidence and self-worth by instilling a sense of control and choice. Our clients participate in every stage of their treatment plans, including assessment and diagnosis.

We believe every client has the right to make decisions about what’s best for them in real time, accounting for what they need to heal from the inside out. Beyond helping you overcome your dependence on drugs or alcohol, we’ll transform you – mentally, physically and spiritually. This inner growth equips you to lead a fulfilling, rewarding life in sobriety.

The ups and downs of early addiction recovery can be intense. You’ll uncover suppressed emotions and unhealed mental injuries you’ve been ignoring for years. Along the way, you’ll have to face fears and traumas without the crutch of addictive substances. Because this work is so personal, you deserve an individualized treatment plan customized for your unique experiences. By advocating for yourself and directing your care, you can get help on your terms, with more autonomy along the journey.

Rewrite Your Story

With self-directed treatment at Recovery Without Walls, you decide what shape your healing journey takes. Alongside your clinical providers, you will create the most effective plan for you. Your input is invaluable for accounting for your unique strengths and weaknesses.

In self-directed recovery, you can take your healing process into your hands, developing responsibility and accountability. Directing the course of your recovery is empowering – the opposite of the helplessness that characterizes addiction.

Recovery Without Walls’ integrative addiction medicine services include psychotherapy, advanced pharmacology and nutritional support. With a focus on holistic healing, our functional medicine doctor treats substance use disorder, chronic pain and other co-occurring conditions, including complex mental illnesses.

We also partner with best-in-class health providers to create an extensive, highly curated provider network. In our practice, we combine medical expertise with team-based care to ensure comprehensive, well-coordinated progress. Through our provider network, we incorporate a range of complementary treatment modalities such as acupuncture, massage and nutrition into our program.

Integrative Medicine in the Bay Area

Recovery Without Walls is proud to offer unparalleled, fully customized treatment for addiction and chronic pain. If you would like to learn more about our holistic approach to healing, please contact us today. Our helpful team members will gladly answer any questions you may have.