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Admissions and Appointments

Beginning Treatment At Recovery Without Walls

If you are interested in becoming a patient at our Mill Valley outpatient addiction treatment center, please call our new patient coordinators for assistance. Our staff is trained to address any of your questions or concerns and will be happy to speak to you and schedule your appointment.

Please note that we are closed on Fridays.

Your first appointment at Recovery Without Walls is in-depth and comprehensive. In order to deliver the best chronic pain and addiction treatment, we recommend you bring the following to your first appointment:

  • Recent lab work (blood tests, saliva tests, etc.) and relevant medical notes (patient privacy requirements mandate that copies of tests and notes from other physicians can only be released with your written request)
  • Nutritional supplements you are currently taking
  • Information and, if possible, the prescriptions bottles for medications you are currently taking or have taken in the recent past
  • List of symptoms, concerns, and questions
  • List of your providers and their contact information (we will require that you fill out a release of information form for the providers you want us to communicate with)

New patient appointments/initial evaluations are 2 hours long. Physician and Nurse Practitioner rates for appointments are $650.00 and $450.00 per hour respectively. We generally see most patients several times in the first couple weeks and so we ask for a retainer at the time of appointment booking for 4 hours of your provider’s time.

Appointments cancelled with at least 48 hours notice will receive a full refund.

We do not bill insurance directly. Upon request, we do provide an insurance super-bill that you may send to your health insurance provider for direct reimbursement. All fees will be billed to a credit card kept securely on file.

Recovery Without Walls has opted out of Medicare. ALL Fees incurred at Recovery Without Walls are not submittable to Medicare and a private contract in this regard is part of our new patient agreement.

Please note that we have a 48-hour cancellation policy. Therefore, providing as much notice as possible will help us to accommodate your changes. If less than 48-hours notice is given, and we are unable to fill the appointment, you are responsible for 100% of the appointment cost. Because our office is closed on Fridays, Monday appointments must be cancelled by Thursday.

Mill Valley is just 10-15 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge. There is one flight of stairs leading up to Recovery Without Walls.

For additional information about our policies and procedures, please read our “Office Policies” document.

If you have any questions about our outpatient drug rehab, please call or email and we will be happy to assist you. We look forward to meeting you and providing support and knowledge on your path toward greater health and optimal wellness.

Cost & Timeline

Cost & Timeline

Two of the most common questions prospective patients ask when they call our office are:

“How much will treatment cost?” and “How long until I feel better?”

The simple answer to both questions is that it really varies person to person. However, we want to provide as much information as possible upfront so that our patients can prepare for the road ahead. Treatment and recovery is a tremendous undertaking and it is our goal to be your advocates and allies throughout the process. After reading this document, feel free to call us anytime with unanswered questions or concerns. Below is a breakdown of the variables that affect the cost and timeline of treatment:


Recovery Without Walls is a fee-for-service practice, meaning that we bill for each service based on the amount of time a provider spent (to the nearest tenth of an hour). Dr. Kornfeld’s hourly rate is $650 and Inna’s hourly rate is $450.

Our initial consultation is a two hour appointment and most follow-up appointments are between 30 min to an hour. We see most patients several times in the first couple weeks and so we ask for a retainer at the time of appointment booking.

Outside of in-office appointments, our providers often communicate with patients, their close support network, and their healthcare team (with the patient’s permission) by phone or email. We do bill for these communications to the nearest tenth of an hour. We find that clear communication and collaboration with a patient’s care team provides an essential supportive framework for recovery and so this is a central feature of our practice.


Recovery is a personal and often ongoing process. The Recovery Without Walls model flexes to support your recovery journey, rather than imposing a rigid timetable. In our experience, treatment can last anywhere from a couple months to several years, depending on a variety of factors.

We call the first few weeks of treatment the “acute” phase. In this phase we tend to see patients frequently, sometimes as often as two to three times per week (particularly if there is a physician-directed detox involved). Establishing regular communication allows us to closely monitor symptoms, carefully adjust medications, and establish a care team. Once a patient reaches a point where their medications and symptoms have reached a point of stability, we see patients less frequently. In the stable phase, we see most of our patients approximately once per month.

If you feel that our addiction rehab and pain management might be right for you or someone you love, please contact Recovery Without Walls for a confidential initial consultation.

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