Integrative Psychiatric Services

by Heidi Trow

Integrative Psychiatric Services

Mill Valley Integrative Services

Our practice offers the following services:

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy: Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy is intended to facilitate deep healing. This modality addresses unresolved trauma, treatment-resistant depression, and substance use disorder.

Assessments: We offer comprehensive psychiatric and laboratory assessments. Our labs analyze each client’s hormones, thyroid, inflammatory markers associated with cardiovascular events, vitamin and mineral levels, and genetic markers. We have also identified a relationship between gastric health, allergies, and mental health. For this reason, our providers also offer functional medicine testing, which assesses gut health, intestinal inflammation, and gastrointestinal imbalances.

Individually Tailored Treatment: We support each client through frequent monitoring, especially during the initial stages of their treatment. Our approach is very different from the traditional approach of seeing a provider once every one to three months. This does not allow for fine-tuning of medications or adjusting the treatment rate as appropriate.

Non-Pharmacological Interventions: Individual and family therapy. Functional medicine that includes testing, nutritional medicine, and supplements (nutraceuticals).

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Recovery Without Walls is an innovative integrative practice specializing in holistic care.  We collaborate with third-party providers, including acupuncturists, nutritionists, and bodywork experts, to facilitate swift, sustainable healing.

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