Nutrition + Supplementation

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Nutrition + Supplementation

When you are addicted to harmful substances such as drugs or alcohol, your physical health suffers. At Recovery Without Walls, we offer you an integrative approach that also addresses your body’s nutritional health.

Substance Use and Poor Nutrition

People with alcohol use disorder and substance use disorder typically suffer from nutrient deficiencies. You are probably not eating well during your addiction, focusing more on where you will get your next drug or drink than on your nutritional health. When your health suffers because you are not getting proper nutrition, it can make symptoms such as anxiety and depression much worse.

Substance abuse is known to lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies that threaten physical and mental health, damage vital organs and the nervous system, and decrease immunity. When you are addicted, you may experience poor eating patterns in addition to lack of exercise and changes in your sleep patterns, which can result in an increased risk of long-term health problems.

Proper Nutrition Key to Recovery

Proper nutrition and hydration are key to the substance abuse healing process because they help restore your physical and mental health and improve your chance of recovery. If you are not eating properly, your increased symptoms of depression, anxiety, and low energy can inhibit your ability to overcome your addiction. They may also trigger a relapse.

A healthful lifestyle can promote mental and physical health. As you work to overcome your addiction to harmful substances, nutrition will play a key role in your recovery while also improving resulting health conditions and deficiencies.

Are you interested in healing completely: physically, mentally, and spiritually? Contact Recovery Without Walls to learn more about our integrated approach to addiction medicine and pain management.

Regaining Your Health at Our Holistic Wellness Center

Individualized nutrition counseling and comprehensive nutrition education programs have been proven to significantly improve sobriety success rates. Just as patients with diabetes or heart disease receive nutrition education to manage their diseases, when you are dealing with substance abuse you need nutrition education that addresses your specific risk factors and increases your chances of recovery. At Recovery Without Walls, we offer you an integrative healing approach that includes personalized nutritional and supplementation support. You will learn how to eat healthier and will have the tools you need for your mental and physical recovery. Call us today to learn more about our integrated approach.

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