Board Certifications

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Board Certifications

Credentialed San Francisco Addiction Medicine Doctors

More than a century ago, experts developed the process of board certification: a comprehensive, independent evaluation of a physician’s skills, experience, and knowledge. This ensured that medical professionals met the highest standards and continually advanced their understanding of their field. This mark of assurance remains a key part of the medical profession to this day.

Board certification represents significant training beyond licensure. This voluntary process signals a commitment to one’s understanding of new techniques, evidence-based practices, and effective, high quality treatment. When physicians undergo the process of certification, they indicate to patients that their facility will provide unmatched patient care.

At Recovery Without Walls, we are proud to retain certifications and memberships in organizations that represent the highest level of care. These include the American Board of Addiction Medicine, the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, the American Board of Emergency Medicine, the San Francisco Marin Medical Society, and the International Bateson Institute. Please read on for more information about each of these groups.

American Board of Addiction Medicine

The ABAM, or the American Board of Addiction Medicine, provides assurance to the American public that their addiction medicine physicians have the skill and knowledge to provide the highest quality of patient care. This board sets the standards for physician education; it also requires and tracks lifelong education. Certification by the ABAM represents the highest standard in the field of addiction medicine, and it means that recipients have demonstrated that they possess the abilities, clinical judgment, and attitudes to help individuals successfully overcome the disease of addiction.

The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

The mission of nonprofit group ABPN is to promote and assess the competence of psychiatrists and neurologists. High quality patient care is considered a must for this organization. The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology awards certification after analyzing a physician’s commitment to maintaining the proper licensures and undergoing specialized trainings. All certificates are dependent upon continuous maintenance of these qualifications.

American Board of Emergency Medicine

For the past 40 years, the ABEM (American Board of Emergency Medicine) has worked to ensure the highest standards in the specialty of emergency medicine. Becoming certified by this emergent care organization requires demonstrated dedication to educational, professional, and examination standards.

According to the ABEM, this certification “represents physicians’ highest professional credential, reflecting that they have met an externally developed national standard. Emergency physicians who participate in continuing certification demonstrate to the public that they are actively engaged in a program of continuous professional development that assists the physician in delivering the highest quality and most current patient care.”

San Francisco Marin Medical Society

Members of the San Francisco Marin Medical Society (SFMMS) join a network of physician advocates that seeks to transform their passion for medicine into meaningful legislative action on behalf of their patients. To become a member, one must demonstrate a continued dedication to patient care and the improvement of community health within the greater San Francisco area.

The International Bateson Institute

Stockholm-based IBI – the International Bateson Institute – furthers trans-contextual research in economy, ecology, health, education, art, and social change. It is their aim to uncover the relational dynamics between seemingly unrelated areas. Through these efforts, this group seeks to understand interactions in complex, living systems. Dr. Howard Kornfeld serves as a member of IBI’s advisory board.

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Treatment with a Board Certified Addiction MD

At Recovery Without Walls, we take part in regular trainings and cutting-edge research which enhances our understanding of the field of addiction. Through our certifications, we develop a deeper knowledge of this disease and its treatment. To learn more about our credentials, contact Recovery Without Walls today.

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