Alcohol Abuse + Dependence

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Alcohol Abuse & Dependence

Confidential Outpatient Treatment for Alcohol Abuse & Dependence

Recovery Without Walls is an effective, medically oriented alternative to 28-day or residential facilities for alcohol rehab and alcohol addiction treatment. Because we are outpatient in nature, our patients can achieve lasting results with less disruption to their work and family lives. Our scenic locale in Mill Valley, situated near the foot of Mount Tamalpais, offers an ideal environment for recovery.

Alcohol Rehab and Addiction Treatment, Individualized For Each Patient

At Recovery Without Walls, we understand that each person is different. Our alcohol treatment program is personalized to best support every individual’s success. We utilize the latest alcohol addiction research, and as experienced medical professionals, we fundamentally understand the medical risks inherent in alcohol addiction withdrawal.

Safe, Medically based Solutions

Our alcohol addiction treatment includes compassionate and caring physician-directed alcohol detox, specifically designed to make our patients as comfortable as possible. During the detox process, patients are lodged in local boutique hotels or residences and monitored by experienced recovery coaches or nurses. However, if our practitioners determine that a higher level of care is necessary, we also work with local inpatient rehabilitation centers.

Recovery Without Walls offers insightful solutions to promote deep and lasting alcohol recovery. Our ongoing alcohol rehab and addiction treatment incorporates exceptional psychotherapy as well as integrative healing methods, including: meditation, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, exercise, and nutritional supplements where appropriate.

We help our patients develop the mental attitude and learn the skills that they need to stay sober for life. We support and encourage their participation in sobriety organizations including AA and Al-Anon (as well as secular support groups such as LifeRing, Refuge Recovery, and others).


Break the cycle of addiction. If you think that Recovery Without Walls is a good match for yourself or someone you love, please contact us today.

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