Ketamine Infusion for Chronic Pain

by Shelby Wall

Ketamine Infusions for Chronic Pain

Experts estimate that more than 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. This means that one in five American adults struggles with this condition. Chronic pain can have many causes – congenital conditions, traumatic injury, aging, health problems, nerve damage, arthritis, and daily factors like poor posture or improper lifting of heavy objects. In an attempt to alleviate these symptoms, many people become addicted to opioid pain medications. Recovery Without Walls has found success through a different avenue: ketamine infusion for chronic pain.

What is a Ketamine Infusion?

Intravenous ketamine, or IV ketamine, is widely used to treat hospitalized patients who report pain. Recent research has supported the use of this drug for the alleviation of chronic pain, with the caveat that this service should be performed in a safe, sterile environment. Ketamine acts on the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor, inhibiting it, resulting in an anti-inflammatory effect in various parts of the body. Ketamine infusions are measured, carefully monitored doses of the drug delivered through an IV in a controlled setting.

Who Benefits From This Program?

We have seen great success among clients participating in this therapy after discontinuing potent opioid medications. The FDA has approved the use of ketamine for specific conditions; however, it is recommended that people seek out qualified medical expertise instead of attempting their own treatment at home. Recovery Without Walls provides medically supervised ketamine infusions for chronic pain.

Mill Valley Pain Management Clinic

Through thorough research and close partnership with pioneers in the use of ketamine for chronic pain, Recovery Without Walls’ medical team have become experts on the subject. Over more than a decade of research, we have decided to offer ketamine infusion for chronic pain at our Mill Valley practice. To learn more about our innovative pharmacological interventions for chronic pain, contact our office and speak to one of our physicians.

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