Could a Tablet of Buprenorphine Have Saved the Life of Philip Seymour Hoffman?

Philip Seymour Hoffman died from “acute mixed drug intoxication,” according to the newly released official autopsy. The cocktail of controlled substances that led to his tragic death included heroin, cocaine, benzodiazepines, and amphetamines, as reported by Julie Bolcer of the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office. We find it noteworthy that, in addition to the …Read the full post.

E-Cigarettes in Rural Jails

While many areas around the United States are working to Ban e-cigarettes. Some places however are welcoming them: rural county jails. It is reported that it can calm inmates down who crave a smoke. Is this a good harm reduction effort?

What Drugs Actually Kill People

“Nearly three-quarters of the pharmaceuticals deaths are opioid analgesics—prescription painkillers like OxyContin and Vicodin. And while cocaine, heroin and alcohol are all responsible for enough deaths to warrant their own stripes on the chart, many popular illegal drugs—including marijuana and LSD—are such a tiny blip as to be invisible.” – PopSci